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Hi, I'm Noah.  I'm a somewhat interesting human. I make noises and stand at exactly average height. I did my first sound design and score work as wee lad in 2012 with the short film Living Dead With The Decays. I joined the project on a whim, and it ended up winning "Best Score" and "Best Film" at the OKC 48 Hour Film Project.

It lit a light bulb in my brain, and inspired me to pursue audio as a career. Since then, I've crafted sweet music, dank riffs, and phat sounds for over twenty-five short films, feature lengths, commercials, and video games, premiering and screening at film festivals, expos, and theaters, including Trail Dance Film Festival and San Diego Comic Con. You can see and hear my work on the Music page and Sound page.


Here I am during San Diego Comic Con, at the Q/A panel for my work on the feature film Scott & Crowley: A Comic Book Adventure. The film was selected by convention judge Robin Richesson (Forrest Gump, Iron Man, Jack Reacher) as one of her favorites of the festival.

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